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October 27, 2008



i'm so happy you're back! i've been really worried about you, and i don't think i have your email [and even if i would've had it and written you, i wasn't sure if you would get it... you know?]

i'm soooo sorry that your life is so insane for you right now... i hope it all comes together really soon!


mandie Segura

Glad you're back, Kate! Was worried about you!

Amy Coose

So glad things are getting better for you. I missed your blog posts!


I was really worried about you! Glad to see that you're back! I always click on the link to you and hold my breath hoping it'll work. Today it DID! YAY!


I was worried about you! So glad you're back! I always click the link to you and hold my breath hoping it'll work. Today it DID! YAY and welcome back!

elizabeth rosemond

i am so beyond thrilled to see that you're back (so to speak). i thought about you and your family often during gustav (luckily all of my inlaws were spared this time around). i'm sure you're sick of hearing this, but we're not given more than we can handle. and handle it you day at a time.




I hope today brings sunshine and smiles to you. Have a good one!

tara pollard pakosta

welcome back.
i missed your creations!
and your words and wondered how you were kate.
take care of yoU!
hope all your beautiful children are doing great.

Stacy S.

Glad your back Kate! I hope things start to get better...keep us posted.

Laura Solomon

Nice to see you back. Every thing happens for a reason and whatever it is... it WILL pass.

Elisa P.

Really good to see you're brave looking formward to see you're beautifull photographs and amazing pages


oh, it is so good to have you back on the blog scene!!! I have missed and thought of you A LOT. I sincerely hope that all is/will be well, and that the rest of the year (and the one the come) will bring soooo much happiness and joy that what you're going through right now will only be a faded memory. ;o)


So glad to see you back. Peace!


Hey girl glad to see you back. Hope you get some stuff sorted out!! :)


Welcome back. I hope the tide turns in your favor soon.

christie haywood

hay kate i have missed reading your blog i thought the password had changed or something and i was missing out. Keep blogging if it helps you babe it seemed to in the past. Hope the children are well you didn't really mention them and it concerned me a little. Chin up babe
keep in touch.....well through your blog anyway...glad your back.


so missed reading your blogs. don't know how you get thru the pain and everything else. thinking and praying for you.


Welcome back Kate!!!


good to see you here, girl. take care and take it slow ... thinking of you.


welcome back kate..was very worried about you..

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